Geordie shore s04e08 online dating

Am i really a piece of human waste if i copy these dirt bags? This show should be avoided and kids and teenager should Never watch this "reality" show.It's a pity that there is no below-zero rating on IMDb for I would surely have given this so-called piece of entertainment a minus infinity rating.Geordie Shore is a British reality television series broadcast on MTV.

Perhaps some of the issues the house mates create themselves through immaturity is a slight fault, especially when they argue then are suddenly friends again.Dan was often referred to as the younger brother in the house and as such was constantly tormented and made fun of by the other members.Although the cast were never purposely nasty towards the young chap, we can't help but think the group didn't do their best to make him feel welcome thus leading to his absence in the upcoming episodes.Adjectives that spring immediately to mind such as disgusting, immoral, moronic and such do not adequately describe either the show itself or the "almost-human" garbage whose grotesque waste of life it portrays.Save your sanity and your dignity and do not watch this obscene waste of footage : you'll get a bigger and better dose of entertainment by hitting yourself with a ten pound hammer and sleeping it off.

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